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*hipster voice* I’ve been saying “okay? okay.” before it was mainstream because of that lil bitch John Green


awkward eye contact with people in the car next to yours at a red light 


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if being 100% gay is playing for the other team then i’d like to imagine being pansexual as playing for every team. you just sort of run around between the in and outfields juggling the extra balls and sit a couple innings in the audience eating a hotdog and eventually everyone starts to question whether you even know how to play baseball or not

This is both an accurate depiction of pansexuality and of my knowledge of sports.

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If you want to watch ‘Petals on the Wind (2014)’

Here you go.

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If you want to watch the prequel ‘Flowers in the Attic (2014)’

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For the original ‘Flowers in the Attic’

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This is for the people who want to watch ‘The Normal Heart’

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